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この空で 数え切れない星が


2 May
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ape bio? cm zmn skola rendah plak. nk tulih pe? nickname, kwn karib, kwn baik, kwn x karib, musuh, mknn kegemaran, minuman kegemaran...? kih3x lwk sgguh! btw,

the name is HAZI. a fellow classmate started to call me that when i was in form 1, since she can't pronounce my name properly. i'm a KL girl. a very kampung KL girl. loves reading, sketching, learning random stuff. hates challenges but often stumble into lots of it unintentionally. personality-wise, i'm both taurus and gemini. it's AB-gata ^^ -i can be all good and bad at the same time- i don't talk much but can be a chatterbox with ppl close to me. and my mental age is of a 16y/o girl. i don't grow up much in that sense.